Why Instructor-Led Training

Since 1995, BrainStorm has learned a lot about how users learn. Since our beginnings, many things about enterprise training have changed; one that has not is that instructor-led training remains one of the most effective ways to educate users. As you consider your enterprise software training and adoption plan, incorporating strategic instructor-led training will allow you to make big leaps in helping your users become more capable and productive.

Instructor-Led Training Offerings

BrainStorm delivers the following end-user focused, instructor-led training offerings. (P.S. all can be customized to meet your user and organizational needs)

Buzz Sessions

Buzz Sessions are high-energy, fast-paced classes designed to provide users a preview of upcoming changes and drive excitement for what’s coming. Sessions are led by live instructors, online or onsite, with custom content tailored to your organizational needs. These courses showcase what’s new and what’s coming as well as spotlighting key improvements.

ExploreMore Sessions

ExploreMore Sessions include a mix of demonstrative content and large group practice exercises and activities, driving a fair balance between Buzz Sessions and Hands-on Sessions. Driven by a unified narrative of real user experiences, this training will enable users to leave the classroom comfortable and confident in their new software.

Hands-on Sessions

Hands-on Sessions feature live, classroom-style delivery with hands-on exercises. Training participants individually follow along with the class exercises on their work or lab computers. Driven by scenarios that users face in real life every day, this training will enable users to harness the power of technology. These classes target smaller audience sizes to allow for greater content depth. Train-the-Trainer courses for Help Desks are delivered following this training approach.

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