FHI 360 Case Study

See how FHI 360 turned to Microsoft and BrainStorm to solve some complex problems

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, and operating in more than 60 countries, FHI 360 is dedicated to improving lives through integrated, locally driven solutions. It employs 4,300 people. Half of those employees used Google Docs and Gmail, and half used on-premises Microsoft communication and collaboration solutions. Due to high costs and operational complexity, FHI 360 wanted to standardize on a single, cloud-based service and turned to Microsoft to evaluate Office 365.

After a thorough evaluation period, FHI 360 chose Microsoft Office 365, a suite of hosted online messaging and collaboration services because it best met the needs of its global enterprise.

To facilitate training and help employees realize productivity gains through Office 365, Microsoft suggested BrainStorm, a Microsoft Office 365 Marketplace partner.

BrainStorm provided FHI 360 with best practices as the company developed a global training plan and delivered both on-site and online instructor-led training.

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