Success Story for a Global Visual Communications Company

Do to privacy reasons, the name of this company has been replaced with "Global Visual Communications Company." We assure you this company does exist, has worked with us, and the facts, figures, and statements in this success story are one-hundred percent true.

The Challenge

In any worldwide organization, software adoption becomes a real challenge. This organization was looking to adopt Office 365 worldwide and encourage skill development to further productivity in their organization.

The BrainStorm Solution

To accommodate this organization, we provided our solutions in a variety of ways to ensure it was best used company-wide. This plan included our Quick Start Cards, BrainStorm facilitated Instructor-Led Training, and our online training platform, QuickHelp™.

This organization distributed our Quick Start Card for Office 365 electronically to the entire company. The card for Office 365 was the perfect solution to answer the most commonly asked questions asked during deployment. Distributing this card electronically was an economical and practical option for this organization to use the resource world-wide.

Live, onsite BrainStorm facilitated instructor-led training was held in several offices throughout the United States and Europe. We customized the curriculum to best fit the needs of each office specifically, and we received very positive feedback from the organization on the effectiveness of the trainings.

This organization also subscribes to Brainstorm's online training platform, QuickHelp. They leveraged QuickHelp along with one of our communication plans, QuickTips to ensure usage. They also shared QuickHelp videos in Yammer to drive adoption and usage of both QuickHelp and Office 365. They continue to use QuickHelp and encourage users to use the platform by sharing it in their monthly company newsletter and on Yammer.

The Results

By leveraging the full BrainStorm offering of Quick Start Cards, Instructor-led Training, and QuickHelp, this company was able to adopt Office 365 with greater ease and increase the productivity of their organization. Their Office 365 utilization went from 5% to 81% with the use of BrainStorm training solutions.

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