Success Story for a National Airline

Due to privacy reasons, the name of this company has been replaced with "National Airline." We assure you this company does exist, has worked with us, and the facts, figures, and statements in this success story are one-hundred percent true.

The Challenge

This nation airline was facing a challenge: migrate 14,000 employees from a legacy email application, First Class, to Exchange. In addition, this organization was also adopting other Office 365 applications, but wanted a particular focus on Outlook and Lync.

The BrainStorm Solution

We tackled their adoption challenge by creating a holistic training plan for their organization. This plan included our Quick Start Cards, BrainStorm facilitated Instructor-Led Training, and our online training platform, QuickHelp™.

BrainStorm's Quick Start Card for Outlook 2013 was selected to be used as a desk-side resource given to each employee during the deployment process. This card was the perfect solution to making sure employees were able to quickly find the answers they needed on the basic functions of their new Outlook software. After this organization saw what a success these cards were, they also added the Quick Start Card for Lync 2013 to their adoption plan

This airline was particularly interested in live, onsite instructor-led training. We held over forty days of onsite training at the various locations of this organization. Instructors led six sixty-minute sessions each day, totaling in at 240 sessions corporation-wide. These focused on Exchange, Lync, and the entire Office stack. Initially only 10 days of on-site training were scheduled, but positive feedback, learning momentum, and word of mouth by attendees drove this airline to continue to add days until all employees were able to attend a live training.

Our online training platform, QuickHelp, also seemed like a great fit for this organization to promote ongoing adoption. This airline leveraged QuickHelp to increase user's functionality during deployment, but also to continue learning and greater adoption of their Microsoft software.

The Results

By leveraging the full BrainStorm offering of Quick Start Cards, Instructor-led Training, and QuickHelp, this airline was able to adopt their Microsoft software with greater ease and increase the productivity of their organization. Their Office 365 utilization went from 7% to 76% with the use of BrainStorm training solutions.

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