The BrainStorm Customer Experience

The customer is not only king: He’s our best bud!

It’s time software training gets the reputation boost it deserves. Not enough people view enterprise technology as an exciting topic - nor do they necessarily expect to develop memorable, heartwarming relationships with the people who sell user training resources.

BrainStorm employees make it their business to change this dynamic. The company’s team members pride themselves on going above and beyond the expectations of their customers. In some cases, that includes doing things that some may consider out of the ordinary.

"Our executives are big on recognizing that as you’re working with customers, these are people, they have hopes, they have dreams, and they have needs," said Tyler Rogers, a BrainStorm account manager. "One of the things we strive to do is help them be successful in whatever way that we can."

This attitude extends into the company’s entire culture. Customer service - and even community service - are woven into BrainStorm’s DNA. Each employee makes it a priority to leave a positive impression in the minds of customers, whether that means going to great lengths to ensure an order of Quick Start Cards is received as soon as possible or simply making a genuine effort to lighten up a customer’s day.

Does your training partner make you see gold?

Rogers shared one particularly memorable story in which he reconnected with a customer he hadn’t heard from for an extended time period. After several follow-up calls, it turned out the customer had been diagnosed with colon cancer and had needed an immediate operation. He explained to Rogers that his experience made him realize that life is short, so to make the most of it, he developed a new a hobby for gold panning and searching for precious and semi-precious gemstones.

In an email to friends and colleagues the client mentioned that he was wondering whether people would be willing to send him dirt samples that he could use to pan for gold. Rogers and another BrainStorm colleague immediately jumped at the chance to help a friend. The BrainStorm duo went to a geological hotspot they were familiar with and ended up shipping the client a box of dirt in the mail.

"We come to find out that in a box of dirt that cost us $15 to send, he ended up finding nearly $200 worth of gold," Rogers said.

Rogers explained that the company’s enthusiastic approach to customer service often surprises clients who aren’t accustomed to such personable interactions with other companies.

"If we don’t deliver a surprise, then we fail by some measure," he said. "We take a lot of joy in really going beyond and showing people that kind of an approach. There’s a lot of fulfillment in that."

He explained it even affects the way customers use BrainStorm products in the future.

"Take for example, our gold prospector," Rogers said. "Every time he sees our logo, he’ll think of gold nuggets. Those kinds of things leave lasting impressions."