Meet Like a Pro: Teams 101
Alyce Adams, 03.09.20

Let’s face it – most meetings suck.     Why do so many of us get a sour taste in our mouth when we hear the word “meeting”?

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The Definitive Guide to Teams Governance
Alyce Adams, 02.26.20

The Seven Teams Governance Decisions So, you’re trying to decide what to turn off and on in Teams? Smart move. But how do you decide what your users.

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Office 365 and ROI: What IT Pros Need to Know
Ruth Christensen, 10.02.19

As an IT pro, you have a lot on your plate, especially if you’re driving ROI for Office 365.

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Why PowerApps Is the New Game Changer at Work
Ruth Christensen, 07.30.19

You use a mountain of software applications at work. But you probably still ask, “Really? Shouldn’t there be an app for that?”

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Out of Office in Outlook: How to Set It Up in a Flash
Ruth Christensen, 06.04.19

It’s finally vacation time and you’ve just stepped on the plane that will take you away from it all. But wait. Did you remember to set up your Out of.

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BrainStorm Achieves Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Competency
Jourdan Strain, 09.14.18

BrainStorm, Inc., the Utah-based SaaS company behind the award-winning QuickHelp™ learning platform, announced today it has been awarded Microsoft’s.

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Importing and Connecting OneDrive Files to Power BI
Jourdan Strain, 08.08.18

One of the key benefits of working in the Cloud is being able to access your most crucial data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. By importing and.

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7 Surefire Tips for Better Teamwork in Microsoft Teams
Jourdan Strain, 07.19.18

Teams may still feel like one of Microsoft’s newer applications, but it’s changing the way organizations all over the world communicate and.

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Putting an End to Calendar Tag
Jourdan Strain, 07.13.18

Person 1: “Let’s get together Tuesday at 1:30.” Person 2: “I can’t do 1:30. How about 3:30?” Person 1: “3:30 is no good, let’s try Wednesday.” Person.

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BrainStorm Minute: a new web series
BrainStorm Team, 05.07.18

The days of updating software once every few years are far behind us. Cloud-based productivity tools allow Microsoft to release features and updates.

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