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The goal.

You’re hungry. 

Not for food … but for change. That's how a billion-dollar food company felt when their small IT team was tasked with driving Microsoft Teams adoption. They were excited, but it would be across thousands of end users. Change — at that scale — was a tall order. Especially for such a small team. 

So, how would they get all users to pick up a new Microsoft product, without hurting productivity? 

Learning was required.

It wouldn’t be easy.  


Change is hard — and that’s well before you introduce thousands of users into the mix. Each one at a different learning level. So, this brand brought in BrainStorm to stir things up a bit.  

Change is scary — if you don’t have BrainStorm. But, with it, employees are 3x more likely to use Microsoft Teams"
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Our approach.

We know people. 

So, BrainStorm’s change experts worked hard to build: 

  1. Creative email campaigns to help spread the word. 
  2. Buzz-generating live events to promote Teams adoption.  
  3. Engaging communication about Teams to create interest and excitement. 


In just one month, BrainStorm received more visits than any other site, leading to: 

  • 167% Teams use increase. 
  • 91% spike in collaboration. 
  • 88% greater productivity levels.  

Now, people are excited about their tools in a way this company had never seen before. 

Teams usage increase
improved collaboration
greater productivity

About BrainStorm.

BrainStorm is a SaaS company with a 27-year legacy of helping brands like Microsoft to gain widescale software adoption. Now, some of the biggest names in SaaS are seeking us out for help in onboarding, retention, and expansion. We deliver with a platform that drives key behaviors and deep knowledge — at scale. You’ll see greater engagement than ever before.