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The goal.

You’re always on. 

As a part of Canada’s fastest-growing energy business, your team at Inter Pipeline is pretty busy. At least that’s how it feels for Elka Dunnette and Michelle St. Croix. They had a big, hairy task on their hands — to scale Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 across 1500 users in 6 months — on a very limited budget. 

Learning was required.


This wouldn’t be easy.  


Inter Pipleline’s didn't want training to be just a checkbox with such a limited time frame. In fact, Elka and Michelle were hoping to empower employees to be even better with their new technology. Luckily, Elka, Michelle and the Organizational Change Management (OCM) team had BrainStorm on their side. Together, they build a learning-centered culture that far outweighed a simple 6-month project. 

“People want to learn; they just struggle to find the time. So, we set up new learning styles and 24/7 access to training. By Day 3, we had a 64% increase in Yammer."

Our approach.

We know people. 

After 27 years of crafting the perfect software adoption formula, we were ready for Inter Pipeline. Things moved fast. Users got engaged in the “snackability” of BrainStorm, with employees checking out videos over their morning coffee or learning Microsoft 365 during the lunch hour, alongside their children. 

With the groundwork laid, results came pouring in. As users entered the BrainStorm platform, they started to explore the technology —and quickly came to see how it could help them on the job. 

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The rest is history; BrainStorm became a BFF by putting three things into place: 

  • 64% Yammer spike in 3 days. 
  • 60% increase in Teams adoption. 
  • Creating a learning-centered culture in 6 months. 
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Teams adoption

About BrainStorm.

BrainStorm is a SaaS company with a 27-year legacy of helping brands like Microsoft to gain widescale software adoption. Now, some of the biggest names in SaaS are seeking us out for help in onboarding, retention, and expansion. We deliver with a platform that drives key behaviors and deep knowledge — at scale. You’ll see greater engagement than ever before.