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A personalized partner for change

The City of Naperville had done software deployment before, and they remembered all too well the challenges that came along with it. With a migration from Office 2007 to Office 365 on the horizon, IT Project Manager Russell Rogers knew that the old way of doing things wasn’t going to fly this time around.


The move to the cloud signaled a drastic shift in the way that the city was approaching change and innovation. Instead of dealing with software updates every few years, the city would see their Office 365 tools updating constantly—and users would need resources to keep up. Russell knew he needed a partner who wouldn’t take a “one-and-done” approach to training and adoption.

What’s more, Russell knew his users—and he knew that a “one-size-fits-all” approach wouldn’t work, either. For this adoption to be truly effective, his users needed information presented in a variety of ways.

When he came across BrainStorm QuickHelp™, Russell thought he’d found a useful IT resource that could help ease the deployment. “We first looked at QuickHelp™ as a short-term training solution,” Russell admits. But when he learned that QuickHelp also provides a user-centric, personalized learning journey, “it became clear that it would become part of our long-term strategy.”

“We first looked at QuickHelp™ as a short-term training solution, but as we continued to use it, it became clear that it would become part of our long-term strategy."

What is QuickHelp?

BrainStorm QuickHelp is a software adoption solution that combines content expertise with an intelligent platformall designed to transform the way users work with their technology.  

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Strategy and goals

Working closely with a BrainStorm Customer Success Manager, Russell came up with a plan to meet Naperville’s goals for the transition. First, he laid the groundwork by identifying specific skills that would best benefit users. Then he found corresponding content in QuickHelp—and uploaded some of his own—to create specialized learning playlists. Finally, he assigned those playlists to specific user groups and set completion deadlines.

But innovative adoption takes more than assignments and deadlines, so Russell brought in reinforcements: the help desk staff.

If a user came to them for help, the staff asked if the user had completed the assigned learning playlists before assisting them with their questions. This effectively trained users to turn first to QuickHelp for self-service troubleshooting, smoothing the help desk staff’s workload.

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“One of our goals with Office 365 was to make everyone more productive. BrainStorm allows us to do that in a quick and cost-effective manner.”


The final results

After the first user groups started to engage with the new software, it was time to pull out all the stops. Russell put the full range of QuickHelp’s resources to work, catching the attention of users and management alike. He drove awareness with prebuilt email templates and advertised the 30 minute webinars to encourage ongoing learning and curiosity across all skill levels.

Empowered by QuickHelp, Naperville met their goal of smoothly transitioning to Microsoft 365. The proof of success? Users actively engaged with the Office 365 rollout and incorporated the
new technology into their daily workflows.

“People want to go to the next step . . . They want to know more. Employees start to get excited about the possibility, about expanding their vision.”

What’s more, QuickHelp transformed the way these users view and interact with technology in general. “People want to go to the next step,” Russell reports. “There’s enough curiosity from the videos that they want to know more. Employees start to get excited about the possibility, about expanding their vision, or maybe even changing their vision a little.”


BrainStorm activates change and drives software adoption by using technology to empower people and transform organizations. By partnering with BrainStorm, organizations can more confidently map their Microsoft 365, adoption strategies to key business objectives, track user engagement and innovation, and decrease costs. BrainStorm’s unique, people-focused approach to digital transformation has set it apart as an industry leader and premier Microsoft partner.