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The goal.

You’re here. 

Dealing with a global workforce in 40-plus countries. It’s true, you know, changing how employees work is a challenge … but when you add in digital transformation too …  

Now, that’s downright daunting. 

After all, Paramount Avionics pioneered in-flight entertainment 40 years ago. They're not exactly sitting on their hands, waiting to teach technology to end users.  

Learning was required.

So, Microsoft 365 wouldn’t be easy to adopt. 


Change is hard — whether you're on the help-desk team, or don’t like to learn something new. Add in a desire to teach 4 new Microsoft Office applications, and you may struggle just a bit. 

Not with BrainStorm in the driver’s seat. 

BrainStorm's experience and guidance have helped make the most of our Office 365 investment.

Our approach.

We know people. 

That’s why Panasonic Avionics selected BrainStorm’s skill-building content and templates — built on 27 years of change management success. With a perfect formula for software adoption, Panasonic could: 

  1. Offer bite-size training modules for Microsoft 365.  
  2. Deploy IT Service management to reduce help desk hours. 
  3. Continually update Microsoft training content without lifting a finger. 

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Panasonic Avionics introduced BrainStorm as the go-to resource, resulting in: 

  • 200% Teams adoption. 
  • 98% OneDrive adoption. 
  • 43% SharePoint use.  

In fact, between 2019 and 2020, Panasonic Avionics tripled their OneDrive usage (from 1,073 to 3,491 users) and doubled their Teams usage (from 1,680 to 3,764 users). 

About BrainStorm.

BrainStorm is a SaaS company with a 27-year legacy of helping brands like Microsoft to gain widescale software adoption. Now, some of the biggest names in SaaS are seeking us out for help in onboarding, retention, and expansion. We deliver with a platform that drives key behaviors and deep knowledge — at scale. You’ll see greater engagement than ever before.