The case for Dropbox Business


of the average workday is spent on unproductive tasks

is the average number of apps that your users are juggling every day

of executives are not completely satisfied with their ability to collaborate

Change how Dropbox users learn

Most information workers use more than one collaboration or cloud storage app. Why not teach them how to use Dropbox Business alongside the Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 tools they use every day? BrainStorm can help empower that change.


Don't assume your users understand why they should use Dropbox Business instead of another tool. Instead, show them all the ways Dropbox can make their lives easier here and now. We'll help you target the right groups so nobody feels their time is wasted.

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Engage users with multi-modal learning in the BrainStorm platform, including brief videos and curated courses, walkthroughs, polls, and assessments. You can also create your own team-specific Dropbox content for extra relevance.

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BrainStorm understands what it takes for users to change their technology habits. The BrainStorm platform tracks their progress, reports user sentiment insights, and maps key metrics to your organization's goals around Dropbox.

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What’s included?

The content package for Dropbox Business includes 5 courses (with more on the way) that are designed to maximize efficiency of collaboration with better usage of features such as Dropbox Browser, Dropbox Transfer, Dropbox Paper, and the Dropbox Mobile apps.

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Communication templates​

Build credibility with messaging that helps your adoption efforts go forward.​
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Visual awareness collateral

Use breakroom posters and other visuals to get your users excited about Dropbox.​
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Dropbox QuickTips

Drive continual progress and learning by highlighting specific Dropbox features.
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Dropbox Business adoption template​

Prepare for change and learn more about all the resources available to you.​

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