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We believe that with the right technology, tools, and know-how, any person can be empowered to work smarter and achieve more. As we arm organizations and people with tools that help them see technology as beneficial instead of detrimental, we create a more liberated workforce that thinks bigger, works faster, and succeeds to heights they never thought possible.

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BrainStorm QuickHelp™

At BrainStorm, we believe change is an opportunity for all users and organizations to achieve more with their time, more with their tools, and more with their technology. People and organizations who embrace change get ahead professionally and financially—and that’s why we’ve dedicated the last 20 years to helping organizations manage change more effectively. Every person has the potential to be savvy with their software; it’s our job to help them do it.

Anyone can teach someone who wants to learn. We can teach the unteachable, engage the unengaged, and motivate the unmotivated. As users start changing their behavior, organizations start to see real, tangible ROI.

Forget about training

We Create Change

We’re not interested in impersonal or irrelevant training sessions that only teach you buttons and clicks. We’re going to change the way you think about communication, collaboration, and personal productivity.

We believe in delivering

Real Results

“The BrainStorm QuickHelp Program has helped countless organizations see increased usage of Microsoft products. BrainStorm is a great group of people and Microsoft is pleased to call them a partner.”

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