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The goal:

They've produced legendary classics like The Godfather, Star Trek, and Mission Impossible. And yet, when it came to software, Paramount struggled a bit. How does a media giant tackle new software roll-outs? 

Whether creating a cinematic masterpiece, optimizing financial services, or disrupting the manufacturing industry, end users are end users. We're all time-strapped, meeting fatigued, and overwhelmed by email.

To get employees to invest time in learning software, Paramount needed to deliver brief, timely, and hyper-relevant end-user training - a tall order for 16k employees.

Paramount chose BrainStorm.

To support its Microsoft 365, Slack, and Zoom training initiatives, Paramount chose BrainStorm for its scalable, user-centric platform. 

The approach?

At the center of it all lies: 

  1. Admin super tools to enable targeted, tailored training.
  2. A non-technical, human approach to learning.
  3. Dynamic, drip-style learning experiences.

BrainStorm has spent 27 years crafting a platform that pulls together science, technology, and people — to build the script for driving sustained software adoption.

Together, we help you to captivate users’ attention, making it fun — and easy — to learn new software. 

The results.

By using BrainStorm for all of their training initiatives, Paramount has seen: 

  • 70% increase in return users. 
  • 41% increase in event attendance to discover new features. 
  • 16,000 new users visit the BrainStorm platform to learn software tips. 

About BrainStorm:

BrainStorm is a SaaS company with a 27-year legacy of helping brands like Microsoft to gain widescale software adoption. Now, some of the biggest names in SaaS are seeking us out for help in onboarding, retention, and expansion. We deliver with a platform that drives key behaviors and deep knowledge — at scale. You’ll see greater engagement than ever before … with 50% less overhead.