Increase Teams adoption by 400%

Moving away from a core business application like Skype might feel intimidating. Can you ensure quality Microsoft Teams training without stalling productivity?

There’s a whole lot more to change adoption than just telling individuals to start using a different application. End users must buy in to the change and understand how it will make their lives easier.

Luckily, organizations can see a 400% increase in Teams usage by partnering with BrainStorm. Just ask the nearly 50 percent of Fortune 100 companies who partner with us. They’ve made the change and embraced the measurable results. Now, their users are working and collaborating more effectively.

So how exactly does BrainStorm’s Microsoft Teams training produce such dramatic results?

To find out, download “Increase Teams Adoption by 400%,” to think through your business objectives, assess your current plan, and build your own effective adoption strategy.