Remote work checklist

Like it or not, remote work is the reality these days. Working from home was once luxury, but when it’s a requirement (with no immediate end in sight) it can take a toll, professionally and personally.

For one thing, a remote scenario pushes your personal and professional lives into the same space. When you bring work home, it can seep into every aspect of your life—and put you in the fast lane to burnout.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Working from home can be an opportunity for greater focus and productivity if you approach it with the right mindset

That’s why we put together this comprehensive checklist that helps you be productive and balanced while working at home. From the start of your day to that one last email, this guide walks you through pro tips that will help you bring your A game every day—in a healthy, sustainable way.

Download “Your complete checklist for remote work” to start transforming your workflow.