Smarter security with BrainStorm

Traditional software training is typically broad, irrelevant, and ineffective. Users don’t have time to devote to training that isn’t applicable to their job or beyond their needed skillset. But, in many roles, learning new software skills will boost productivity and efficiency. 

And the truth is, typical security awareness training is similarly ineffective. It can involve negative or guilt-driven messages, be too little too late, or difficult to digest. However, if users don’t understand cyber security principles, they are more likely to fall victim to common threats like phishing, data breaches, theft, and more. 

Both productivity and security depend on your users. Can they do to these tasks without training? 

That’s where the BrainStorm’s QuickHelp ™ learning platform comes in. Learning with BrainStorm is different. This is the platform that personalizes learning and security content. Users get exactly what they need to work more securely with their software. And there’s a whole lot more! 

To help drive more effective, user-friendly software and security training, download “Smarter Security is Only the Beginning: Creating Change with BrainStorm.”