Teams meet like a pro

Even in the best of circumstances, no one really looks forward to meetings. Yet they’ve become an essential part of corporate culture. We’ve somehow reached the conclusion that holding meetings equals productivity.

The move to remote work has only compounded the problem. When your boss can’t just poke their head into your cubicle to see what’s happening, what’s the solution? Hold another meeting. If your time is being eaten up by a succession of meetings, you’re not alone.

But there is good news! Meetings in Microsoft Teams don’t have to be this way—and that’s why we’ve compiled these Microsoft Teams best practices. Use them to:

  • Make meetings more collaborative and engaging
  • Improve follow-up and prevent the need for more meetings
  • Speed up meetings by avoiding tech hiccups

After all, there is a time and a place for meetings. The Microsoft Teams strategies will help you cut the fat and get down to the essentials.

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