Which tool when - file management

With Office 365 file management, you’ve got a whole box of tools at your disposal—yet some of them seem to serve a redundant purpose (i.e., file management apps). If all you need to do is store and share files, which app do you use? OneDrive for Business? Microsoft Teams? SharePoint? Wouldn’t just one app suffice?

Think of it this way: back in the day, when everyone worked in a physical office with hard-copy files, different files were stored in different places. Documents lived in drawers, others in filing cabinets, and some on bulletin boards.

Whether you’re in a physical office or in a digital workspace, it doesn’t make sense for everyone to store all their information in the same place. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on file management to explain the apps available to you, where to store different files, and how to share them.

For a smoother workflow for you and your entire team, invest in some handy how-tos on Office 365 file management by download “File Management: Which Tool When?”

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