Outsmart the scams

These days, most security scams target an organization’s users—not their technology. All it takes is for one employee to share sensitive information or click on a bogus link—and boom! You’re staring down a security breach.

Sadly, a scammer’s target is much bigger than you might think:

An estimated 70% of employees in the U.S. lack a basic understanding of security best practices. (Source: Hashed Out)

Hackers and digital pirates are willing to try every type of scam to get their hands on your organization’s data through your employees.

Take phishing, a common security scam. More scammers now impersonate a reputable source to get their target to reveal sensitive information.

Could you and every person in your organization spot this type of scam? If you think even one person could benefit from security awareness training, download “Outsmart the Scams” as a first step toward keeping your organization safe.

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