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Introducing BrainStorm
Threat Defense

A more effective and engaging way to help your users avoid phishing and other cyberattacks.

Trailer - 75 second version V4.0

A better way to improve user security

You care about your organization’s data security—but all the passwords in the world are no match for users who don’t know how to defend themselves against phishing schemes and cyberattacks. BrainStorm Threat Defense helps you empower users to work more securely.

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Engage users with content that’s relevant (and correction that never feels embarrassing)

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Integrate security training into your onboarding process so users don’t get left behind in yearly trainings

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Put software adoption and security in one, easy-to-use platform

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Map out a security plan that goes beyond phishing attacks to give you a better understanding of your security vulnerabilities

Real results


of users become aware of their short comings


identify other areas where they can improve personal security


of users change the way they evaluate email

Threat Defense in action

Because Threat Defense is hosted in QuickHelp™ (BrainStorm’s online learning platform), users aren’t just learning to keep your organization safe—they’re learning how document protection, file collaboration, and other technology best practices help them do it. BrainStorm’s proven change methodologies paired with realistic phishing experiences reinforce good habits and keep your users on their toes.

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Teach your users

Users are assigned a skill path to teach them about common security breaches and the ways they can proactively defend themselves against cyberattacks.

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Phish for leaks

You’ll work with your BrainStorm rep to send simulated phishing emails to your users—and see if users can spot a scam when they see one.

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Users who click through the email are assigned remedial security training so they feel empowered to do better next time.

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Detailed reporting

You receive a detailed report on how your team can improve and what steps you can take to keep improving your security strategy.

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Digital adoption meets security

Your organization’s security depends on users who are safe and productive. Let us help you bring your security strategy (and your users) into the modern age.