How to Work from Your Phone: Mobile Productivity on the Go
Jessica Roylance, 01.20.21

Back in the old days, office work only happened at the office. Now it seems like we’re all working from home or on the go—which requires thinking.

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How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation to Share Later
Jessica Roylance, 01.13.21

We’ve all been there when remote presentations flop.

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Managing Remote Teams: 10 Tips and Best Practices
Jessica Roylance, 01.06.21

The remote management challenge  

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How to Use Microsoft 365 for Better Collaboration
McKell Parsons, 01.04.21

Odds are, you’re already familiar with the Microsoft 365 collaboration apps. Microsoft Teams, the one-stop collaboration hub, is definitely at the.

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How to Use Microsoft 365 for More Business Power
McKell Parsons, 12.16.20

You’ve seen those ‘Power’ apps around, probably as you scrolled through the Microsoft 365 apps list. Aiming for PowerPoint, maybe you’ve even clicked.

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How to Use Microsoft 365 for Better Communication
McKell Parsons, 12.08.20

Repeat after me: talking does not equal communication.

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How to Use Microsoft 365 for Better Team Productivity
McKell Parsons, 12.08.20

True success team takes more than just communication. We’ve all been in a meeting full of good ideas but no follow-through. You know it’s true: talk.

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How to Use Microsoft 365 for Better Personal Productivity
McKell Parsons, 11.06.20

In a way, every Microsoft 365 app is designed to improve your productivity. From the signature desktop apps—Word, PowerPoint, and Excel—to the newer.

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Online Learning Solutions: Finding the Perfect Fit
Jessica Roylance, 11.03.20

These days, organizations have their hands full helping employees work efficiently. No wonder they turn to online learning solutions to onboard new.

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The BOOM Campaign: a princess finds her fairy godmother
BrainStorm Team, 10.23.20

As told by BOOM Campaign winner Rebecca Bird. Learn more about the BOOM Campaign here.

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