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Tune into SaaS Therapy with industry veterans Todd Kirk and Casey Trujillo. Our topics span the complexities of client relationships, offer expert insights, and share proven strategies for overcoming common challenges. It's not just a podcast—it's a masterclass in nurturing and enhancing your SaaS customer connections.

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SaaS Therapy

Meet your hosts

Casey Trujillo

Casey Trujillo

Casey applies over 20 years of technology experience to help organizations and individual users change the way they work with technology.

In his work with the Fortune 100, Casey is consistently on the road delivering workshops each year to help executive teams see that technology can help speed up their biggest initiatives.

As a change management practitioner, Casey brings a unique approach to solve a problem hitting every organization: the cost of unused software. 

When he has down time you can see him trying to achieve his goal to dunk a basketball, run a 5-minute mile and prove to his sons that his glory days are ahead of him and not behind him!

Todd Kirk

Todd Kirk-1

Todd has over a decade of experience supporting enterprise customers in adopting new technologies.

He started as a project manager, coordinating professional services. Later, he transitioned to a facilitator role, training senior leaders in large corporations.

Todd’s team developed the first scaled technology adoption solution of its kind. His expertise includes Content Strategy, Customer Onboarding, Product Management, Video Production, Webinars, Live In-Person Training, and Strategic Partnerships.

Todd, originally from Southeast Texas, now lives in Pleasant Grove, UT, where he continues to explore insights into organizational software success and failure. 

Featured Episodes from Season 1

Is CS thriving or dying?

with Maranda Dziekonski

Season 1, Episode 3

How must customer success teams evolve in response to the market changes? Gain insights and suggestions from Maranda Dziekonski, SVP of CS @Datasembly about how customer success teams can monetize their services and successfully generate revenue.

How key personas help Gong increase GRR

with Tim Hill

Season 1, Episode 5

Do your key customer contacts experience real value in your product? Learn from our conversation with Tim Hill, Director of Client Success @Gong about driving customer retention and growth through consistently engaging key personas, delivering value, and building trust.

Is it time for a LMS revolution?

with Ashley DeKerlegand

Season 1, Episode 13

Do you like your LMS? Join Ashley DeKerlegand from Quickbase in discussing the limitations of traditional learning and development approaches in the SaaS industry. Learn how customer feedback, cross-team collaboration are key to successful training.

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