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Reinventing security awareness

Traditional security awareness training can leave your users feeling shamed and disconnected. BrainStorm Threat Defense helps you take a whole new approach.
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An engaging, human approach

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Security and adoption in one platform

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Integrate into onboarding processes

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Assistance in mapping your security plan


45% of Fortune 100 companies have worked with BrainStorm to get the most out of their enterprise software.

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Your software strategy needs an upgrade.

  • Track ROI to business objectives
  • Reduce duplicate applications
  • Increase software usage
  • Empower end users
  • Scale change
Improve your adoption rates

A proven approach to change

The BrainStorm BluePrint™

Change is not an event—it’s a process that requires planning, goals, adjustments and continuous upkeep at scale. The BrainStorm BluePrint is a cutting-edge approach to helping your organization understand why change is important, and then creating a personalized and specific plan to make change happen.



Discover how digital transformation can impact your business and your users.

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Together, we’ll build a customized adoption strategy to drive your company’s software usage.

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The QuickHelp platform will deliver personalized learning to every user and measure the impact.


An award-winning software adoption platform

BrainStorm QuickHelp™

BrainStorm QuickHelp personalizes each user’s experience and empowers long-term behavioral change. Big data, machine learning, and a human touch will help you achieve your key business outcomes.

Communication tools

Create awareness and excitement around technology change.

Videos, PDF files, and live events

Give users a variety of formats to learn in their own way.

Skill paths

Provide personalized learning according to users’ job roles and skillsets.

Challenges and hands-on practice

Reinforce learning and encourage users to apply their new skills.

Badges and company standings

Celebrate users’ achievements and show how they stack up against their peers.

Performance data and tracking

Customizable dashboards show you the impact you are having on the company’s software adoption efforts.

Change is everything.

Change is more than a software update. BrainStorm transforms organizations by using technology to empower people and activate change.

The numbers say it all.

Despite heavy investments in technology, enterprises are failing to get full value out of software spend because of low software adoption and usage.

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The average enterprise wastes $7.4 million each year on underused software.

70% of change initiatives fail because organizations invest in technology but not the people who use it.

85% of enterprises say they have two years to digitally transform or their business will suffer.

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BrainStorm helps you do more with the software tools you already own. You have the fireworks—we can give you the match. If you’re ready to explore how BrainStorm can help your company transform, schedule a free adoption assessment today.