What we do

Creating change and taking names

We’re only as great as the players on our team—and our team is the best.


Humanizing change

Meaningful and lasting change can only come about through people. Software enables change, accelerates it even, but it’s the people who make it happen. From the beginning, BrainStorm has always been about people--our fellow team members, our communities, and most of all, our customers.

humanizing change

Company values

We are what we do

Every member of our team brings their own unique, invaluable flavor to the mix. We’re made up of rock climbers and book devourers, musicians and filmmakers, pranksters and do-gooders—all under one customer-obsessed roof. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.



Each person’s unique experiences have made them who they are today. We believe that everyone brings value and deserves to be treated with respect.


We know that we can accomplish more by working together. We strongly encourage teamwork and collaboration to meet goals and find solutions.


Human beings are the core building blocks of any company. We value our team, just as much as we value our customers.


We’re pragmatic agents of change, not only in the systems and platforms we utilize, but also in the personal relationships we maintain with our customers.

Background & History

Driving change since 1995

BrainStorm believes in the power of unlocking human potential. That belief is at the core of everything we do: the people we hire, the decisions we make, and the standard we hold ourselves to.

From the beginning, the company’s goal has been to help a frustrated, unmotivated workforce achieve more with their software tools and unlock their professional potential.

Over the years, BrainStorm has evolved from a training services company to a world-class SaaS platform that is leading the market in both solutions and growth. Our people-focused approach has helped thousands of organizations embrace change, conquer software adoption challenges, increase security awareness, and create more savvy—and happy—software users.

driving change since 1995

Awards & Recognition

Grow with the best

Best Places to Work - 2020 - Outside

One of Outside’s 50 Best Places to Work, 2020

Just because we are in the software training business doesn't mean we are always in front of a computer screen, we like to get out and enjoy the great outdoors too. BrainStorm promotes a healthy work-life balance and allows its employees to both enjoy the world around them and to save it from mediocre software use. BrainStorm is proud to once again join the list of Outside magazine's Best Places to Work.

best workplaces for women 2015

One of Fortune's 100 Best Workplaces for Women

BrainStorm was recognized as one of the 100 best workplaces for women by Fortune magazine and Great Place to Work. As an organization that focuses on company culture, BrainStorm is thrilled to be recognized as a workplace that is inclusive for all team members.

best workplaces for giving back 2016

One of Fortune’s 50 Best Workplaces for Giving Back

BrainStorm believes that changing the world starts with individuals who are committed to making a difference. BrainStorm encourages employees to contribute to their local and global communities through regular service activities and donations to more than 100 worthy causes each year.