Preview the new BrainStorm platform.

Over the years, you've given us some solid feedback on our QuickHelp™️ platform—and we've pulled it all together to create a sophisticated new learning experience: the BrainStorm platform.

If you are interested to learn more, please reach out to your BrainStorm Rep.

What’s new?


We’ve made learning more engaging and relevant for end users, and saved time for admins by seamlessly offering material based on individual input.

End user

Users complete polls and surveys that assist the BrainStorm platform in offering content that meets them where they are in their learning journey.


Thanks to responsive learning suggestions, users spend more time sharpening their skills—and less time messaging the IT help desk.

Personalization Graphic-1

Modern learning

Using adult learning theory, we've adjusted our learning strategy to help users better consume and retain information.

End user

This approach encourages continuous learning among users—without distracting them from their essential responsibilities.


And when users understand how to use their technology more efficiently, you're that much closer to meeting your business objectives.

Modern learning Image

Better user experience

We're only as good as our tools, and for users and admins that means software adoption solutions need to be user-friendly, engaging, and above all else, functional.

End user

The platform's updated interface makes it a more comfortable learning space for the modern user. Plus, improved search and filtering make it easier for users to find the content they need.


The back end has been revamped so its easier to navigate and manage for admins. Plus, new features like the drag-and-drop tool make it easy to build custom flows.

Drag and Drop Graphic-1

More customization

The BrainStorm platform includes improved usage data integration across multiple software solutions.

End user

With better data, you get the actionable insights you need to give your users a more holistic learning experience.


And with tiered access, admins can delegate learning management to managers across their organizations.

More customization

What's in it for you?

Early Access

Volunteering for the preview means your entire organization will have access to the new BrainStorm platform in its early stages, at no extra cost.

Free pack until renewal

If your organization is selected to participate in the preview, we'll give you free access to one of our software-specific training solutions (in the new platform only) until your next renewal. Take your pick from:

  • Slack
  • Webex
  • Zoom
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Smartsheet

Inform direction of product

As a participating organization, you'll play a key role in the future direction of the BrainStorm platform. Your feedback will make the new platform a better and more useful place for not only your organization, but all BrainStorm users.

Your voice counts

Share your experience

By documenting your firsthand experience, we can help our customers better understand how to use the BrainStorm platform to the fullest.

Give us your feedback

Let us know what you think of the new platform by completing a few polls and interviews, so BrainStorm can better support customers like you.

The BrainStorm platform fact sheet

Download for a quick read on the BrainStorm platform and how to volunteer for the preview experience. You can even share it with a coworker who has questions.



How is the BrainStorm platform different from QuickHelp?

In addition to an updated UI experience, the BrainStorm platform offers users more personalized learning insights and suggestions based on their activity and feedback.

Improved learning methods also help users better retain information and understand how to apply it to their specific roles.

And those managing BrainStorm on the back end will find more options for creating custom content, leveraging user data, and tiered access for team delegation.

Why should I participate?

Participating organizations will have the opportunity to preview the BrainStorm platform and try out a free extra pack until their renewal date. Plus, your organization’s involvement in the feedback process will inform the direction of the BrainStorm products you use.

If my organization is eligible to preview the BrainStorm platform, what will you need from me?

We need your help making sure features work correctly and your thoughts on what could make the BrainStorm platform more effective.

To this end, we'll schedule at least three 30-minute interviews with you to discuss your experience, and we'll send you a couple of surveys to fill out.

Can I run QuickHelp and the new platform simultaneously?

In short, yes. During the preview phase, you won't have to stop using QuickHelp, although you won't be able to transfer data from QuickHelp to the BrainStorm platform.

What are the eligibility requirements for participation in the preview experience?

While there are no hard requirements for organizations volunteering for the preview, we are considering organization size, availability to start using the platform, consent to participate in our feedback process, and for BrainStorm's use of your organization's name and logo. If you have questions about whether previewing the BrainStorm platform is a good fit for your organization, we encourage you to contact your CSM.

Will all the same content be there?

All supported content will be moved from QuickHelp to the BrainStorm platform. This transition will be engineered to minimize customer impact.

Is QuickHelp going away? If so, how much notice will I get?

Eventually, yes—the BrainStorm platform will replace QuickHelp. But we plan to phase out our existing platform and provide plenty of notice before we make the shift.