You need more than a
Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)

DAP solutions like WalkMe or Pendo are great for getting users to click where you want them to. But, driving sustained adoption requires more. To get long-term use, workstream integration, and real ROI, you need a software adoption platform.

What’s the difference?


BSI Cap BlackSoftware adoption platform

Drives on-going adoption of the software end users rely on every day to do their jobs through targeted user outreach and fully dynamic learning flows.

Digital adoption platform

DAPs automate systems training with step-by-step walkthroughs and pop-up’s. Examples of DAP solutions are WalkMe, Whatfix and AppLearn.

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BSI Cap BlackSoftware adoption platform
  • Drives ongoing adoption.
  • ​Attracts low-activity users.​
  • Deepens product usage.​
  • Lands why, when & how.​
Digital adoption platform
  • Drives task completion.​
  • Trains already-active users.​
  • Orients to the basics.
  • Teaches how.
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Common applications

BSI Cap Black
Software adoption platform
  • Collaboration (Slack, WebEx, Zoom)​
  • Productivity (M365, Google)​
  • Storage (Box, Dropbox)​

Digital adoption platform
  • ERP (Oracle, Dynamics, SAP)​
  • CRM (SalesForce, Hubspot)​
  • BI & Automation (Domo, Tableau)​
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Use cases

BSI Cap Black
Software adoption platform
Helps companies + end users capture an expanded vision for what their tools can do. Then, teaches them how to do it.

Why and How. Convince a user who’s nervous about document permanence in the cloud why it’s safer and easier.​ Then, show him how.

Digital adoption platform
Helps end-users do what they were already planning to do successfully. Teaches employees how to use a feature.

How. Give a user step-by-step guidance on how to upload a document to the cloud.

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