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2/3 of project management teams regularly experience up to 20% loss of projected revenue because of delays from ineffective project management.
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1/2 of management professionals report that they run into challenges that cause delays 85% of the time.
Source: Smartsheet study

Forget about traditional training

Engage and motivate in a human way 

Users are busy. They need flexible solutions that help them create the innovations of the future. Smartsheet enables users to consolidate and manage their key information in one centralized hub. With Smartsheet, users collaborate more efficiently, stay on task, and complete projects on or ahead of schedule. By creating a compelling vision around Smartsheet, your users will be motivated to change the way they work every day.


Don’t assume your users intuitively know how to optimize their technology experience. If collaboration isn’t a walk in the park, promote relevant Smartsheet learning content that will help everyone do their jobs better. Target groups effectively so nobody feels their time is wasted. We’ll help you plan who to reach and how to reach them.

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Create tailored experiences that introduce users to how Smartsheet can help them individually. The BrainStorm platform features short videos, walkthroughs, and assessments that are curated into short (~15 minutes) courses. Customize what users will experience, or you can also add your own team-specific content.

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BrainStorm has been in the software adoption business for over 25 years, so we know what it takes for users to change their behavior. With our platform, you can empower your efforts via real-time data and user sentiment insights—so you never have to guess if your Smartsheet users are successful.

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What’s included?

The Smartsheet content package includes 4 courses (with more on the way) that are designed to maximize the efficiency of collaboration and project management. Drive adoption with:

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Communication templates​

Build credibility with messaging that helps your Smartsheet adoption go forward.​
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Visual awareness collateral

Use resources like breakroom posters and other visuals to get your users excited about Smartsheet.​
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Smartsheet​ QuickTips

Drive continual progress and learning by highlighting specific Smartsheet features.​
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Smartsheet adoption template​

Prepare for change and learn more about all the resources available to you.​


Need a better way to help users engage with their technology? Ask your Client Success Manager how you can add Smartsheet content to your BrainStorm experience.

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