BrainStorm vs LinkedIn Learning

BrainStorm is the employee development solution for today's technology-fueled workplace.


In today’s world, technology fuels everything to do with work –
employee enablement, professional development, organizational culture, compliance training, productivity and performance, and an employee’s sense of workplace connection.

And yet - employees only adopt 10-20% of their licensed technology.

While giving employees access to as much learning content as possible may seem like the best way to meet everyone’s needs, the vast majority of employees are simply too time-strapped to prioritize learning enough to seek it out on their own. 

Solution overview


While both offer employee learning experiences, BrainStorm and LinkedIn Learning are different solutions, solving for different challenges –  in critically distinct ways.

As LinkedIn Learning seeks to add more and more creators, videos, and courses to its site, BrainStorm instead focuses on refining the science for how to target, reach, and sustainably engage employees with their technology.


BSI Cap Black BrainStorm

BrainStorm is designed to give IT, HR, and L&D teams a way to engage employees in their key learning, change, and development initiatives centered around technology.
LinkedIn Square IconLinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is designed to help professionals grow their skills and advance in their careers, while helping organizations upskill employees to close skill gaps. 


BSI Cap BlackBrainStorm

Tailor BrainStorm's learning workflows to create automated, evergreen learning campaigns triggered by custom user criteria and behaviors.

  • Custom-curated content 
  • Initiative-based recommendations 
  • Drip-style micro learning 
  • Emphasis on behavior change

LinkedIn Square IconLinkedIn Learning

With access to LinkedIn Learning, employees can set professional development goals and be served the courses they need to build marketable skills and resumes.

  • Mass content marketplace  
  • Career goal-based recommendations 
  • Long form courses  
  • Emphasis on resume building  


BSI Cap BlackBrainStorm

  • Attract and activate unengaged learners through timely, personalized, engaging communication templates sent from your company domain.

  • Trigger end-user email communications based on user criteria like hire date, department, or role, or based on specific user behavior with their software.
LinkedIn Square IconLinkedIn Learning

  • Teach already-engaged users by giving them access to a library of diverse content.

  • Users receive recommended content upon login, and via email from LinkedIn Learning, based on their views, roles, and stated interests. 

Admin experience 

BSI Cap BlackBrainStorm

  • Communications – Design custom communications, monitor employee engagement with your campaigns over time; test messaging.

  • Reporting – Aggregate learning consumption and software behavior into a single pane of glass to correlate impact. 

  • Triggers – Automate learning with triggers to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time 

  • Co-branding – Make employees feel right at home when learning

  • Authoring – Upload and create your own content to leverage BrainStorm for all your organizational training and change initiatives 
LinkedIn Square IconLinkedIn Learning

  • AuthoringUpload and promote content from 3rd parties, learning management systems, or your organization.

  • Reporting - Insights on what employees are learning about so you can monitor trends and work to close critical skills gaps. 


BSI Cap BlackBrainStorm

  • Short, drip-style learning designed to keep user attention over time.
  • Unlock marketplace content for users in alignment with your organizational tech stack and digital initiatives.
  • Author and upload your own video, PDF, survey and email content to centralize all your employee initiatives.
  • Integrations available
LinkedIn Square IconLinkedIn Learning

  • Long-form courses designed for topic breadth and certification.
  • Give employees access to any content that aligns with their interests and professional development aspirations
  • Integrations available

User experience

BSI Cap BlackBrainStorm

  • All end users receive a tailored and focused experience based on their role, software use, and your organization’s current initiatives.
  • Employees are reached through internal communications via engaging email formats with tracked open rates.
  • While IT and HR teams set overall learning objectives, individual users are given flexibility in their learning paths based on their skill levels and learning preferences.
LinkedIn Square IconLinkedIn Learning

  • LinkedIn Learning users receive recommendations based on the content they’ve viewed and their stated professional development goals.
  • Learners are recommended content through LinkedIn Learning emails, notifications, and upon log-in. 
  • Once they’ve completed a course, learners can add badge certifications to their LinkedIn profiles to boost credibility and hireability.  

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