Why Slack software training matters


of the average workweek is spent managing email or tracking down internal information

hours a month are spent in unproductive meetings

of employees cite poor collaboration and communication as the top causes of workplace failure

Change the learning experience

The typical enterprise owns over 1,000 applications—a number that overwhelms most users. To show users what a move to Slack means to them, personalize their learning experience. BrainStorm will help scale the change across targeted groups at your organization, from new hires to specific teams.


Don’t assume people intuitively know how to use their new Slack technology. Instead, automate your communications around changes you want users to make, scale content to the right person at the right time, and match users' skills and roles to relevant learning content.

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The BrainStorm platform serves up content around Slack collaboration, communication, drafts, meetings, task management, and a lot more. Assign brief videos, high-energy courses, user polls, assessments, and walkthroughs. Or, add your own custom content.

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With the BrainStorm platform, you can track and report usage data to your stakeholders—or offer user sentiment insights and other key metrics that shed light on your Slack strategy. No guesswork, just relevant admin data.

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What’s included in your Slack pack?

The Slack content package includes 8 courses (with more on the way) that are designed to maximize efficiency of collaboration in Slack, improve communication, generate meetings, jumpstart safe file-sharing, and more.

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Communication templates​

Build credibility with messaging that helps your adoption strategy go forward
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Visual awareness collateral

Use breakroom posters and other visuals to get your users excited about Slack.
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Slack QuickTips

Drive continual progress and learning by highlighting specific features and benefits.
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Slack adoption template​

Prepare for change and learn more about all the Slack resources available to you.

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