A better way to improve user security

BrainStorm Threat Defense

You care about your organization’s data security—but all the passwords in the world are no match for users who don’t know how to defend themselves against phishing schemes and cyberattacks. BrainStorm Threat Defense helps you empower users to work more securely.

59% of users can’t spot phishing

BrainStorm data shows that less than half your employees are confident they would know how to recognize a phishing attempt if they received one.

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50,000 phishing attempts per day

Security experts have seen a dramatic increase in the number and types of phishing scams, due in large part to the rapid shift toward remote work caused by COVID-19.

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2,000,000 phishing sites

Google has identified more than 2,000,000 phishing sites as of January 2021. This is up from 1.6 million just one year earlier (an increase of more than 25% year-over-year).

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94% of attacks happen through email

Your users are being bombarded by attacks via email. It’s critical to get help them better recognize phishing attacks, but more importantly, help them learn to collaborate using more secure tools and platforms.

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Forget about training

We create actual change

BrainStorm Threat Defense makes security personal. Our solution changes how your users think about communication, collaboration, and personal responsibility.


Engage users with content that is timely and relevant, and correct them in ways that never feel embarrassing.

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Security training is critical in your onboarding process. Threat Defense ensures your new users don’t get left behind if they’ve missed an annual training session.

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When you pair with BrainStorm Threat Defense and BrainStorm QuickHelp™, you combine both security awareness and software adoption training into one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

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We’ll help you map out a security plan that goes beyond phishing attacks to give you a better understanding of your security vulnerabilities and opportunities.

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