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Get smarter with
your storage tools

Not that long ago, important files were stored on a hard drive. Today, cloud storage tools are everywhere—and many organizations use more than one tool. BrainStorm helps users clarify the why around their file sharing and storage options, so they can change their habits and work smarter.

File sharing best practices

If you’re rolling out a tool like Box, don’t leave users in the dark. Assign relevant BrainStorm content to certain groups or individuals so they can quickly master best practices around each tool.

Security-savvy users

When it comes to hybrid work, your team needs clear direction on why, how, and when to use a given storage tool. BrainStorm cuts through confusion and helps users build secure technology habits.

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New hire onboarding

As new employees join your organization, they bring old habits with them around where to store important files. BrainStorm helps new hires get up to speed with company policies and tech how-tos.

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Targeted learning experiences

Most users are busy and overwhelmed by new technology. BrainStorm meets users where they are, matching their role, skill level, and unique needs with the learning experiences they need to succeed.

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