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Make your collaboration
tools more collaborative

In the modern workplace, the average worker uses four collaboration tools just to communicate. But with BrainStorm, users can spend less time toggling between applications and more time collaborating on their mission-critical tasks.

Bringing tech tools together

Using something besides Teams for collaboration? No problem. BrainStorm also offers targeted learning experiences for users who prefer Webex, Zoom, or Slack.

Curated learning experiences

With BrainStorm, users can move beyond traditional software training that doesn’t change behavior. Instead, each user engages with curated content that’s relevant to the work they do every day.


Improved user confidence

With so many online collaboration tools to choose from, users can feel overwhelmed. BrainStorm pinpoints the most relevant use cases, relieving app overload and improving user confidence along the way.


Fewer help-desk calls

Adding Slack, Zoom, or Webex to an organization’s toolbox can also add to IT’s workload. BrainStorm helps reduce help-desk calls with automated communication and ServiceNow integrations.


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