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Content expertise + intelligent platform

Our highly personalized approach to change management gets users and technology on the same page, preventing user frustration, alleviating IT workloads, and helping organizations reach their goals.

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BrainStorm QuickHelpTM uses big data, machine learning,
and a human touch to help you achieve your goals.

Use a variety of formats

Use a variety of formats—such as videos, PDF files, and live events—to give your users the ability to learn in their own way. One BrainStorm QuickHelp skill path can save an average of 18 minutes of employee productivity a week.

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Personalize learning

Skill Paths provide personalized learning according to the job roles and skill sets of your users. Bite-sized Skill Paths make learning easy.

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Reinforce learning

Hands-on practice and challenges reinforce learning and encourage your users to apply their new skills. One live BrainStorm QuickHelp event saves an average of 1 hour a week.

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Celebrate achievements

Gamification using badges and company standings celebrates your users’ achievements and shows how they stack up against their peers. If learning were more game-oriented, 80% of users say that it would be more productive.

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Lead with data

Tie in graph data to see where your software adoption initiatives are succeeding and where there’s room to continue improving.

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Boost user awareness

This is how we do it

Our content is anchored in real-life business scenarios so that users don’t just tolerate their software, but instead feel empowered to use it.

Personalized, individual approach

BrainStorm QuickHelp™ has an individualized approach to organizational change that uses customized skill paths based on user input and video and events tailored to unique user needs—plus, it allows you to upload proprietary content.

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Training that attracts

QuickHelp learning engages your users from every angle with content available at their fingertips. Plus, machine learning finds the most relevant content and gamification helps your users stay competitive.

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