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What does a billion-dollar food and beverage company know about change? A lot. But for a small IT team tasked with driving Microsoft Teams adoption across thousands of end users, change was a tall order. Microsoft recommended BrainStorm to help increase user knowledge without impacting their daily productivity.


“The biggest challenge to getting end-users to adopt technology is really change,” said the company’s Customer Success Manager on the Collaboration Team. “Change is scary, and people are slow to embrace it if they don’t understand it.” Together with BrainStorm, the company identified how Teams could transform the way they worked.

What is QuickHelp?

BrainStorm QuickHelp is a software adoption solution that combines content expertise with an intelligent platformall designed to transform the way users work with their technology.  

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Strategy and goals

BrainStorm change experts worked with the company’s leadership team to strategize use cases. Creative email campaigns helped spread the word, along with buzz-generating live events that promoted Teams adoption. As the organization communicated about Teams in an engaging way, excitement and interest surged.

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“As our people started to be more engaged with QuickHelp, their usage, engagement, and adoption of Microsoft Teams grew exponentially. Specifically, we discovered that those who went into QuickHelp were three times as likely to use Teams.”


The final results

Next, the BrainStorm QuickHelp™ adoption platform helped scale the Teams transition. A month in, QuickHelp had received more visits companywide than any other site within a similar timeframe. As the Customer Success Manager of the Collaboration Team said: “People are excited about their tools in a way our company has never seen before.”

Teams usage increase
improved collaboration
greater productivity


BrainStorm activates change and drives software adoption by using technology to empower people and transform organizations. By partnering with BrainStorm, organizations can more confidently map their Microsoft 365, adoption strategies to key business objectives, track user engagement and innovation, and decrease costs. BrainStorm’s unique, people-focused approach to digital transformation has set it apart as an industry leader and premier Microsoft partner.