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Let a professional trainer lead your users on a deep dive into common scenarios so they can harness the power of their technology in a practical, hands-on classroom setting.

Humans helping humans

Presented live by our experienced experts, our instructor-led training sessions provide engaging, lively ways to show users what they can achieve using their software tools.

“We knew we’d made the right decision moving forward with BrainStorm. They truly are a partner who is committed to helping us succeed.”
Information Security Leader, Global Manufacturing Company
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In-person sessions

In-person sessions

In-person sessions offer high-energy, fast-paced training that teaches users about new software features and upcoming improvements.
Everyday scenarios

Everyday scenarios

Through encouraging and easy-to-follow instructor-led sessions, users can explore everyday scenarios that take the mystery out of technology and tools.
Practice exercises

Practice exercises

Get the best of both worlds with a strategic combination of hands-on instruction and practice exercises that will build user confidence and expertise when using new software.
master instructor

Master instructors

When we say your users will greatly benefit from the help of our instructors, we mean from our master instructors who offer top-shelf training.
classroom setting

Classroom setting

Users can take a deep-dive into common scenarios, enabling them to harness the power of their technology in a classroom setting.

A personal touch to compliment a powerful platform

BrainStorm’s world-class instructors help you uncover the root causes of your organization’s biggest software adoption and change management challenges. Then, we help you create a plan to overcome them, and determine how the BrainStorm QuickHelp™ platform can help rapidly scale that plan to your entire organization.

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Vision, plan, scale

A proven approach to success

Live, instructor-led training can be the perfect complement to larger scale software and change management initiatives. BrainStorm’s methodology includes world-class trainers who can lead your executive team, IT leadership, or end users on a journey to establish a vision, create a plan, and deliver it at scale.

vision plan scale


Workshops, coaching, and discovery with leaders

Hands-on, “Art of the Possible” experiences help business decision makers uncover what's possible with their technology and which changes would be most valuable for the organization. Think of it as an in-depth kickoff to a customer’s adoption and change enablement journey.



Focus groups and hands-on learning for targeted audiences

Go deeper to better understand and address the adoption needs of specific groups within your organization. We’ll help you discover their challenges, barriers, opportunities, goals, and motivations, and help you create a plan to address their learning needs.



High-energy and fast-paced “Buzz Sessions” leverage large-scale classes to provide users with a preview of upcoming changes and drive excitement for what lies ahead. Sessions are led by live instructors (virtual or in-person) with custom content tailored to your organization’s needs. These sessions can include office signage, tips and tricks with expert facilitators, and fun swag for distribution.


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