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BrainStorm partners get access to exclusive materials, productivity tools, and more.

Active usage you can count on

BrainStorm has increased active usage in key applications by more than 5 times, helping partners hit their metrics and making them heroes to their customers.

“Xerillion has partnered with BrainStorm to increase our value as an IT partner and make our clients much stronger. Their quick and easy training solution has helped our clients feel great about the technology they're using—it allows them to focus on their day-to-day tactics and not worry about technical problems or questions. I love the experience we've had with BrainStorm.”
Olga Ziminska
Client Services Specialist, Xerillion
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Partnering with the best in the business

Better together

Two ways to partner

Options to suit your preferred way of doing business.


Monthly managed program

Mid-market and SMB customers

Cloud Solution Provider partners can resell the BrainStorm QuickHelp™ platform as a monthly managed service, typically bundled in with other SKUs and services. As our partner, you will have the ability to manage and support your customers directly, including provisioning their BrainStorm QuickHelp subscription. Under this model, our partners charge their customers a monthly fee per seat and BrainStorm bills at a discounted rate per month for the total number of licenses under management.

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Monthly managed program

Referral program

Mid-market and enterprise customers

You can partner with BrainStorm to engage and co-sell your customer together.  Our account team will help with product demos, messaging, and the timing of training delivery, all coordinated within your project plan.  All pricing to the client is run through the partner, and any purchases are run through the partner with margin. This model is based on an annual subscription of one, two, or three years.  BrainStorm will work with you and the customer post-sale to ensure your long-term success.

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Referral program

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Video library

Customers gain access to an on-demand library of searchable and shareable videos focused on specific applications, plus soft skills such as organization and productivity.

Monthly subscription

Partners can offer BrainStorm QuickHelp™ as a monthly subscription to customers of all sizes. It’s a self-service portal that lets you manage, monitor, and customize content for your accounts.

In control

Adding BrainStorm QuickHelp™ to your solution means that you call the shots for your customer accounts.

Drive adoption

When users realize what their productivity tools can accomplish, they’re more likely to use them to their fullest potential.

Lasting change

BrainStorm helps your customers use powerful software tools to change the way their organizations work.

Differentiate yourself

Our partners stand out from the crowd by encouraging users to learn and engage with Microsoft and other tools.

Get real results for your customers

One BrainStorm skill path saves an average of 18 minutes of employee productivity per week. It also saves an average of 1 help desk call per employee per week—adding up to about $25 per person, per skill path. Plus, live productivity events save users an average of 1 hour per week.

“Our partnership with BrainStorm is critical to growing our practice for 2 key reasons. First, it allows us to differentiate from our competition by bundling it with our offerings. Secondly, it allows us to increase active usage and productivity in our clients in a way we couldn’t otherwise. BrainStorm is important to our clients’ success.”
Ken Klika
Technology Partner, Sikich
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