Case study

How Fishbowl, a leading ERP platform, increases client retention by 14 points using BrainStorm

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"Fishbowl's journey towards expansion has been significantly fueled by our commitment to efficiently retaining our valued customers. Recognizing the pivotal role of renewals in our platform-centric business, we understood the urgency of delivering swift value to prevent customer churn.

Partnering with Brainstorm proved instrumental in revolutionizing our onboarding approach. By tailoring our curriculum to individual personas, we streamlined the time-to-value process and enhanced our go-live rates, all while driving down costs.

The results speak volumes: glowing feedback from our customers, boasting a remarkable CSAT score of approximately 4.60. Moreover, we've slashed our go-live timeline by an impressive 100 days and bolstered logo retention by 14 points. Undoubtedly, this initiative stands as a cornerstone of our revenue expansion narrative.

The seamless synergy between our team's expertise and Brainstorm's cutting-edge LMS system has propelled our success. Looking ahead, we are eager to extend this impactful program across our entire customer base, confident it will continue to drive our growth trajectory."

Peter OsbergPeter Osberg
CEO, Fishbowl

Key challenges
  • Complexity of tool and wide range of use cases resulted in a lengthy, manual onboarding process that could last 90+ days
  • Over 50% of support calls were simple how-to questions from new accounts
  • Customers needed to be onboarded and experience value faster
Key results
  • Customer onboarding time reduced by 62%
  • 57% of users are onboarded without any human involvement

  • 51% reduction in support calls after implementing BrainStorm

Meet Fishbowl

Fishbowl is a leading ERP system for inventory management, warehousing, and manufacturing processes. Their award-winning solution promises to give its clients full visibility into warehouse and manufacturing workflows, streamline integrations, and rapidly grow their businesses.

The challenge 

Fishbowl’s commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience has always been unwavering. However, the complexity of their tool, and wide range of use cases, resulted in a lengthy, manual, and expensive onboarding process lasting upwards of 90 days. This meant it was simply taking far too long for their customers to begin experiencing the wow-worthy benefits of their solution.  

On top of that, their most frequent support calls with customers (well over 50%) were simply how-to questions from new accounts. 

Fishbowl recognized the need for an onboarding process that accounted for their solution’s breadth of use cases and complexity, while also being easy to manage and maintain. Ultimately, Fishbowl needed to find a way to get their customers onboarded and experiencing value faster.

“We really needed a way to get our customers onboarded more efficiently and start getting value right away. Automating key onboarding training and freeing up our implementation team was critical.”
Chase White
Director of Support, Fishbowl

process & solution

After a thorough exploration of available tools, Fishbowl chose to implement BrainStorm as the backbone of their customer onboarding and training processes because of BrainStorm’s flexibility and scalability.

“BrainStorm’s solution was just the most flexible when it came down to the way we needed to design courses for our customers. We were able to easily envision and build scalable training flows that work for all of our customers.”
Chase White
Director of Support, Fishbowl

Rather than wait for clients to attend training webinars, join calls, visit their support site, and follow step-by-step instructions, Fishbowl was able to use
BrainStorm to create a customer onboarding experience that is
both highly tailored and highly automated. 

BrainStorm Flow Builder

Flow Builder

Fishbowl’s implementation team outlined the key concepts new customers need to understand as they launch the software and BrainStorm supported this new content creation. Fishbowl used BrainStorm’s Flow Builder to put it all together in dynamic, rich, and consumable onboarding flows. 

Flow Builder operates like a flow chart that lets you set the course for users based on their behavior in response to emails, videos, polls, and the product itself. Fishbowl used this flexibility to map the various learning paths their customer accounts might need to succeed with their platform, ultimately creating a controlled choose-your-own adventure for their clients.

BrainStorm Triggers & Communications 

When accounts encountered obstacles or simply lagged in their onboarding process, Fishbowl was able to leverage Triggers, an “if-this-then-that” capability, to pre-schedule reminder emails sent after incomplete actions are detected.  

Award-winning results 

After implementing BrainStorm, Fishbowl was named G2's Highest User Adoption product in the implementation index twice consecutively. Fishbowl attributed this award to their strong partnership with BrainStorm.

"Fishbowl is honored and can attribute this award to our strong partnership with BrainStorm, our latest tool that facilitates implementation by providing customers with comprehensive video tutorials on how to utilize our platform, as well as addressing a wide range of frequently asked questions."
Fishbowl Press Release

By implementing BrainStorm, Fishbowl saw the following results:

  • Customers are getting value faster: 
    With BrainStorm, Fishbowl reduced customer onboarding time by 62%. 
  • Fully automated onboarding for 57% of clients: 
    Fishbowl is able to onboard 57% of users without any human involvement using BrainStorm. 
  • A 51% reduction in support call volume: 
    With proactive, standardized onboarding, Fishbowl saw a 51% reduction in support calls after implementing BrainStorm. 
  • A highly-rated customer experience:
    82% of users say they are satisfied with their onboarding experience and 87% of users report that they feel sufficiently trained on Fishbowl as a result of their onboarding.

A 40% increase in ROI for legacy customers 

Lumea, a Fishbowl client, reported a 40% increase in ROI from Fishbowl as a direct result of their BrainStorm training, even after 3 years as a customer. 

Michael Kerr, Production Manager at Lumea, shared that after completing their BrainStorm training on Fishbowl, his team: 

  • Discovered and adopted previously unused features 
  • Modified their core processes to more fully leverage Fishbowl’s benefits 
  • Have a broader view of what Fishbowl can do, resulting in 40% more value from the tool 

As Michael’s team continues to grow and scale, Michael is also excited about the ease of onboarding new team members that BrainStorm for Fishbowl affords him. 

Accelerate onboarding, activate dark users, and empower your account admins with BrainStorm. 

Make customer training relevant, targeted, and frictionless. BrainStorm is the only platform that delivers customer training that’s automatically personalized to each user. You’ll no longer have to choose between relevance and scale when it comes to customer onboarding, customer training, and customer support.  

Use BrainStorm to:
  • Automatically remind accounts when they need to take the next step in onboarding 
  • Review your accounts’ onboarding progress each step of the way 
  • Enable account admins with turnkey end-user training and adoption campaigns
  • Engage dark users with hyper-relevant, customer-sent emails