Who uses our products

Who uses BrainStorm

Whether you’re an IT project manager, a security executive, or a managed service provider, BrainStorm is a secret weapon in your battle to increase user adoption.

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IT managers

Increase software adoption and reduce help desk calls by empowering your users with the right training. Easier software rollouts and increased utilization will drive measurable value for your organization.
Security execs

Security executives

Create a culture of security within your organization by teaching your users to recognize security threats and be more mindful of the way they share files, communicate, and collaborate.
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Managed service providers

Increase your profits by providing your users with a powerful solution that drives user satisfaction, engagement, and education.

Make tech adoption actually work

Developing a personalized change management strategy can transform your teams

Change is more than a software update

BrainStorm QuickHelp™ transforms organizations by using change management software to empower users and activate culture shifts.

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Don’t waste budget on underused software

When new software isn’t used, the efficiency and ROI it was intended to bring fly out the window. Get your money’s worth with better user adoption.

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Get your users to understand security attacks

Using BrainStorm’s Threat Defense, you can uniquely improve your user adoption and make employees both understand and care about potential security threats.

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