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The SaaS Customer Success speaking series Sustain Success
The SaaS Customer Success speaking series Sustain Success
The Series

The Sustain Success series was established as a space for SaaS & CS leaders to hold a meaningful exchange focused on:

  • Listening to what SaaS clients are saying about their experiences with their vendors
  • Building sustainable Customer Success models that deliver profitable ARR
  • Studying the best ways to get customers to adopt and use products
  • Exploring new ways to approach customer onboarding, education, support, and strategy

Beginning the first week of October, join a weekly 40-minute live session each Wednesday at 11:30am ET/8:30am PT. Register below for individual sessions, or sign up to register for the whole series with one click. 

Meet the Host
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The Sustain Success series is presented by BrainStorm, the software adoption platform that drives radical alignment between software vendors and their clients. 

With BrainStorm, get customer-led product adoption that's both wildly effective and sensationally scalable.

It's time to get to profitable ARR.

Meet the host

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The SaaS Customer Success speaking series Sustain Success