A personalized approach to learning

No organization is quite like yours, so why settle for training that treats you like an average Joe? BrainStorm offers a range of learning solutions that suit any type of learner—the anxious newbie, the reluctant adopter, the hands-on power user, and more.

quick start cards
Quick Start Cards
quickhelp platform
Quickhelp Platform
Instructor led training
Instructor-Led Training

One platform with infinite potential

QuickHelp™ The Platform

BrainStorm QuickHelp™ is an unparalleled learning solution that combines content expertise with an intelligent platform—all designed to transform the way users work with their Microsoft technology. Our highly personalized approach to change management gets users and their technology on the same team, preventing user frustration, alleviating IT workloads, and helping organizations reach their goals.

quickhelp platform
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Productivity you can measure

  • One QuickHelp playlist can save an average of 18 mins a week
  • One live QuickHelp event saves an average of 1 hr a week
  • One QuickHelp playlist prevents one $25 help desk call

This is how we do it

We believe that small changes create big differences. That’s why we deliver strategic, bite-size tips and tricks that speak to every individual’s learning style and job role. Our content is anchored in real-life business scenarios so that users do more than tolerate their software; they learn to work more powerfully with it. As individuals start changing habits, organizations start to see tangible ROI and a more motivated and dynamic workplace.

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Tips and tricks at your fingertips

Quick Start Cards

Quick Start Cards are a must-have resource for the tactile learner just getting acquainted with their software. These handy six-page reference guides help users become more familiar with basic and intermediate features within the Office suite.

See it to believe it

With content this good, you’ll rethink going paperless. In your hand or on your screen, Quick Start Cards are at your service.

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A day with the experts

Instructor-Led Training

Looking for a little more? Incorporating Instructor-Led Training into your software strategy can give users hands-on experience and real-time assistance. Presented live by our master instructors, our training sessions are an engaging, lively way to help users catch the vision of what their Microsoft tools can really do.

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