Transformation - not information: How to make customer education actionable for clients

Donna Weber | Customer Success thought-leader

🗓 Recorded event

⏱ 45 minutes

It’s not what our customers learn, it’s what they do with what they’ve learned.  

Join this event to learn from Donna Weber, Customer Success thought leader, influencer, and strategist, as she challenges conventional thinking around best practices for customer enablement. Because successful businesses need to do more than just provide information to their clients (education) — they need to help them be actionable with what they’ve learned.

This event is perfect for Customer Success, Customer Education, Customer Onboarding, Customer Operations, and Go to Market Enablement teams – or anyone interested in finding new ways to drive deeper customer engagement.  

What to expect

Donna will teach you to shift from just sharing information to truly transforming how customers engage with our products. You'll leave with practical steps on how to use digital tools to improve customer experiences and be equipped to develop onboarding practices that help customers thrive from the start.

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