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Every member of the BrainStorm team brings their own unique, invaluable flavor to the mix. We’re made up of rock climbers and book devourers, musicians and filmmakers, pranksters and do-gooders—all under one hilarious roof. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meet a PropellerHead

Ciera Black Walker | Associate, Strategic Initiatives

Cello? Is it Ciera you’re looking for? In addition to having the coolest name in the office, Ciera plays cello in a local indie band called Book on Tape Worm—so yeah, she’s kind of a big deal. Our resident rabbit philanthropist has seen any TV show you happen to be binging and is always ready to talk about it.

KRYPTONITE: Snacks meant for kindergarteners

Meet a PropellerHead

Erin Eide | Change Manager

Erin Eide doesn’t waste weekends. While the rest of us sleep in, Erin is sewing elaborate, eye-catching costumes that she shows off at conventions around the country. How good are they? Let’s just say she has her own category at the yearly Halloween costume contest to keep things fair.


Meet a PropellerHead

Casey Trujillo | Director, Sales

All kids say their dad can beat up other kids’ dads, but Casey Trujillo’s kids are right. Coach Trujillo is a motivator who has a knack for finding the exact sports video that will make the BrainStorm team’s eyes water. Is someone cutting onions in here?

KRYPTONITE: The McDonald’s Dollar Menu

Meet a PropellerHead

Desiree Voight | Sr. Manager, Sales

When boring ol’ land isn’t enough for our Desiree, she takes to the skies. Desiree is a hang glider pilot who lives for the outdoors, photography, and making her coworkers nervous with her airborne, high-flying adventures.

KRYPTONITE: Airport mishaps

Meet a PropellerHead

Derek Adams | Chief Technology Officer

Derek Adams loves people but hates hugs, so don’t bother going in for the kill. When he’s not deftly avoiding physical contact (HE LIKES HIS SPACE, OKAY?), he’s motorcycling off into the sunset. Those two things might be related, now that we think about it.

KRYPTONITE: Skyline Chili

Meet a PropellerHead

John Wade | Executive Principal

Don’t ever tell John Wade that there’s a movie or TV show you think he’ll enjoy; he’ll inevitably hate it and make you question everything you think you love. John creates the most elaborate Santa Claus traps known to man, which assures us that the Service Solutions team is in capable hands.

KRYPTONITE: Sadistic white elephant gift exchanges

Meet a PropellerHead

Eric Farr | Executive Principal

Eric Farr lives life in the fast lane—and living in that fast lane once resulted in his motorcycle getting totaled and a previously alive deer becoming...well, less alive. We’ve decided to keep Eric for his vision, catchphrases, and impressive high kicks.


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We’re only as great as the players on our team. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for brilliant, motivated, oddball individuals to keep moving BrainStorm forward. If you love to think big, play hard, and prank occasionally, we’d love to meet you.  

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Yeah, we know—everyone thinks their company is the best. But with awards for workplace culture, corporate giving, and work/life balance, we’ve got the proof to back it up.

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TBC | The Boom Campaign

What do father-son sleuths, a chocolatier, and a fisherman have in common? They all got to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Learn how BrainStorm is giving its employees the chance to live life in bold, one bucket list item at a time.

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One of Fortune’s 50 Best Workplaces for Giving Back, BrainStorm believes that changing the world starts with individuals who are committed to making a difference. BrainStorm encourages employees to contribute to their local and global communities through regular service activities and donations to 100+ worthy causes each year.

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