SAN FRANCISCO, CA - BrainStorm, a software provider disrupting SaaS customer education, announced its sponsorship of SaaS Connect in San Francisco, California on April 19th and 20th, 2023. SaaS Connect is an annual conference that brings together SaaS companies, industry experts, and technology partners to network, learn, and collaborate. 

BrainStorm hosted a speaking session on April 19th, featuring Associate Vice President, Todd Kirk and guest speaker Chase White, Director of Support at Fishbowl. The session, titled "Accelerate client time-to-value: How Fishbowl is partnering with BrainStorm to transform customer enablement" explored how Fishbowl, a leading SaaS provider of inventory management solutions, has partnered with BrainStorm to transform its customer enablement program. By leveraging BrainStorm's game-changing platform for customer onboarding and enablement, Fishbowl has been able to accelerate client time-to-value and improve customer satisfaction. 

"We were so happy to share Fishbowl's success story at SaaS Connect and to have Chase with us," said Todd Kirk, Associate Vice President at BrainStorm. "Our partnership with Fishbowl is a testament to the power of customer enablement and the impact it can have on SaaS companies. We look forward to discussing our methodology and best practices with other attendees at the conference." 

In addition to the speaking session, BrainStorm also had a booth at the conference where attendees were able to learn more about its customer enablement solutions and meet with BrainStorm representatives.  


About BrainStorm 

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