BrainStorm Receives 2024 Stevie Award for Excellence in Sales and Customer Service

Silicon Slopes, Utah, April 23, 2024 – BrainStorm is honored to be recognized as a Sales or Customer Service Solution Technology Partner of the Year at the 18th annual Stevie Awards for Sales or Customer Service. 

BrainStorm’s customer adoption platform equips sales, customer success, and customer service teams with product adoption and education that’s personalized to the customer and scalable, reducing the burden on busy teams. 

Through BrainStorm’s customer-led adoption platform, client success teams using BrainStorm have onboarded  thousands of users on the jobs-to-be-done of their software and have done so autonomously without burdening customer service or customer success teams. BrainStorm gives customer-facing teams a solution that’s both sustainable and effective. 

We’re honored to be recognized as a Stevie Award Sales / Customer Service Solutions Technology Partner of the Year. At BrainStorm, we know that customers are at the heart of every business. In today’s competitive landscape, retaining new and long-standing client relationships is paramount. That’s why we created the BrainStorm platform — to help businesses quickly deliver value to their customers. Our platform isn’t only about improving customer experiences; it’s also about alleviating the burden for customer success and support teams, freeing up time for strategic initiatives. ”- Eric Farr, Executive Officer at BrainStorm 

Innovating the way customer teams onboard and drive value with their accounts.  

We often hear these problems when we meet with the market regarding today’s solutions: 

  • Lack of personalization. One portal for all customers when not all content is suited to them 
  • Lack of visibility into what’s working 
  • Clunky product universities where customers have to sift through articles to find the right answer 
  • Lack of scale for customer teams. CSMs spend too much time training customers on simple features. 

Ways BrainStorm takes the burden off client teams meanwhile super-charging the work customer education teams are doing. 

  • No more one-size-fits-all portal: BrainStorm provides a platform that allows customer teams to create personalized onboarding and education flows and share those courses with applicable customers. 
  • Lack of scale for customer teams: BrainStorm helps customer teams scale with a communication-based learning platform. Customer education teams and CSMs can create training videos for customers, upload them to BrainStorm, and push out assigned training to applicable customers.  
  • Bye bye clunky product universities: Customers can easily find the “how” they are looking for by watching a quick “jobs-to-be-done" training assigned to them in BrainStorm.  

Proven experience: Leading ERP partners with BrainStorm as adoption partner and wins G2’s highest adoption award  

BrainStorm is committed to empowering organizations with the automation and flexibility they need to drive customer education, onboarding, and adoption – at scale. We have had proven success as a software partner helping our customers achieve these goals. One of our customers, a leading ERP for inventory, won G2's Highest User Adoption product in the implementation index for the second consecutive time crediting the award to their partnership with BrainStorm.  

“We really needed a way to get our customers onboarded more efficiently and start getting value right away. Automating key onboarding training and freeing up our implementation team was critical.” - Director of Support, leading inventory ERP  

Using BrainStorm’s dynamic learning flows and automatic personalization, this solution provider was able to:

  • Enhance onboarding relevancy for clients; 
  • Decrease the time it takes clients to onboard and see value; 
  • Reduce the lift required to help clients get started; 
  • Increase product adoption. 

Consult with our team on ways we can help enable customer onboarding solutions that help your team scale.

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About BrainStorm

When organizations are looking to drive digital adoption, they turn to BrainStorm to help make it happen. For over 25 years, BrainStorm has been obsessed with helping teams and organizations communicate and collaborate better. Rather than focusing on application-based training, the BrainStorm platform helps users understand how their technologies work together for maximum impact and unparalleled productivity.

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