American Fork, UT, March 30, 2022 — BrainStorm, Inc. today announced it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a build partner. This is an exciting partnership for customers who want to measure how their employees are adopting Google Workspace applications and tools, in addition to determining ROI.

Today, many U.S. companies have been impacted by the Great Resignation. Many of these organizations are struggling to recruit and retain top-tier talent, while 79% of their employees fear that they are not prepared for an automated workplace.1

As organizations look to rebuild their cultures — and help employees adjust — how they engage with software will become an essential way to unite their teams and create a great employee experience.

BrainStorm’s partnership with Google Cloud2 bolsters that effort by providing:

  1. Detailed metrics that measure employee engagement.
  2. Bite-sized training modules that engage users, target specific behaviors, and help organizations achieve key business goals.
  3. Behavioral data to create a tailored educational path that maps to both their knowledge and work habits.

“Following the pandemic, firms are fighting for great employees,” says Eric Farr, CEO at BrainStorm, Inc. “According to a recent data literacy report from Qlik, 53% of US employees are actively looking for a new role that will provide them with better training and upskilling opportunities.1 As an organization, people are your most valuable asset. This partnership will help firms that are struggling to protect their employees, by empowering them to truly embrace Google Workspace.”

As a pioneer in software change management, BrainStorm drives maximum employee engagement for companies that are adopting new technology. The platform activates cultural learning shifts that lead to critical time savings and software ROI. Please visit to learn more.

About BrainStorm, Inc.

BrainStorm activates change by empowering people to transform the way they work with their technology. With its 360-degree platform, BrainStorm delivers personalized, relevant content to every kind of employee—so even the most change-resistant user can build new skills and enjoy measurable results.

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