Out of Office in Outlook: How to Set It Up in a Flash
Ruth Christensen, 06.04.19

It’s finally vacation time and you’ve just stepped on the plane that will take you away from it all. But wait. Did you remember to set up your Out of Office in Outlook?
Not to worry. If you’re using a Microsoft Outlook Exchange account, you can turn on that automatic vacation notice in a flash.

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How Meetings in Microsoft Teams Make Your World Better
Ruth Christensen, 05.08.19

Just one glance at your calendar tells you: meetings are taking over your world. Or does it just seem that way?
Nope, it’s not your imagination. Today’s executives average 23 hours per week in meetings, compared with 10 hours or less in 1960. Microsoft Teams wants to change this trend.

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Memes In TEAMS: How to Rule the World in 1 Click
Ruth Christensen, 04.18.19

Just in case you’ve only taken the macro view of MS Teams, know this:

You can now create your own meme in Teams.

That’s right—Teams has a built-in meme tool. With a simple click of the mouse, you can rule the workplace and bask in the glow of your awesomeness.

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