How Microsoft Teams Adoption Can Make Meetings Better
Ruth Christensen, 03.26.21

Just one glance at your calendar tells you: meetings are taking over your world. Or does it just seem that way?

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Microsoft Teams Apps | 5 Workplace Solutions for the Win
McKell Parsons, 03.24.21

Microsoft Teams is more than just a communication tool. It truly is a platform—a productivity and collaboration hub that can transform the way you.

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Microsoft Teams live events: A how-to guide
Jessica Roylance, 03.09.21

Virtual meetings govern this new decade. We’re all sharpening new collaboration skills: sound, video, meeting chat, and screen sharing. Microsoft.

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How Microsoft Teams Training Can Increase Your ROI
McKell Parsons, 03.03.21

You’ve put in the work to introduce Microsoft Teams to your users—but are you seeing the benefits? Is Teams really worth your investment?

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Why Your Business Needs Yammer AND Teams
Jessica Roylance, 02.24.21

Wait a second—Yammer? Isn’t that social media for work? Your organization is already chatting, meeting, and coauthoring like pros in Microsoft Teams..

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Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which Is the Better Collaboration Tool?
McKell Parsons, 02.17.21

Early in the pandemic, we realized that some things (e.g., toilet paper) were suddenly much more vital to our day-to-day life than we could have.

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Microsoft Teams Essential Habits for Getting Back to the Office
Jessica Roylance, 10.07.20

Over the past few months, organizations have adjusted to the world of remote work. Employees have rolled with new routines, adjusted to new.

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Maximizing Microsoft Teams as a One-Stop Collaboration Hub
Jessica Roylance, 09.03.20

Since you’ve made the switch to Microsoft Teams, instant messaging and video meetings are happening all over your organization. That’s good, but.

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Increase Microsoft Teams Adoption by 400%
Alyce Adams, 04.07.20

Everyone wants to increase Teams adoption, but how do you do it? Getting your users to adopt Teams can be such an uphill battle. Don’t worry, we’re.

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The Definitive Guide to Microsoft Teams Best Practices
Alyce Adams, 02.26.20

So, you’re trying to decide what to turn off and on in Teams? Smart move. But how do you decide what your users can and can’t control? Remember that.

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