American Fork, UT, December 13, 2022 – BrainStorm, Inc. recently joined tech industry leaders at the M365 Conference in Las Vegas where they presented an innovative solution for driving customer adoption at-scale. The session titled “M365 Adoption in a Box” was presented by Casey Trujillo, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Todd Kirk, Director of Partner Solutions, at BrainStorm.  

Scaled adoption is a problem that many SaaS companies and their customers face every day. Most organizations license about 88 different enterprise software applications (CIO Dive). So, scalable, automated end-user engagement is key.  

“Organizations implement software tools for their end users to help with productivity, collaboration and other business needs,” says Trujillo. “Millions of dollars in ROI are left on the table when end users dont change their behaviors around the new technology they are given. CIOs and IT Managers are left wearing so many hats, and it ends in burnout and frustration. In larger organizations, it can be almost impossible to scale the training needed to change end-user behaviors around their technology. That’s where BrainStorm shines.” 

BrainStorm is committed to building the very best solution to drive adoption and efficiency for solution providers and their customers. With a focus on the M365 tech stack, Trujillo and Kirk delivered training during their one-hour session that showed how to communicate awareness of these tools via Microsoft Teams. They also explained how to automate new hire adoption of M365 by job role and Microsoft license, and how to use data to support initiatives like citizen development, employee experience, and engagement.  


About BrainStorm 

You've got software — but do you have 100% adoption? Probably not. As a Microsoft Partner of the Year, BrainStorm built an entire learning and development business from your end user software adoption. Our proven method squeezes every ounce of productivity out of your software. So, whether you just invested in software and need help getting the team on board. Or, you're a SaaS company with a software product and need user adoption. We can help. 

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