Microsoft Outlook Training: Out of Office
BrainStorm Team, 04.12.21

Got a vacation coming up? Before you take off to soak up some rays on the beach, hit the slopes in Aspen, or go deep-sea fishing, consider these.

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Does My Company Need SharePoint Training?
Jessica Roylance, 04.07.21

It can be hard to know if you need to take the plunge on software training. And with so many available programs, Microsoft SharePoint training might.

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What is Yammer?
Jessica Roylance, 03.16.21

Microsoft Yammer is a social networking app for organizations where employees can connect with all their coworkers, especially those beyond their.

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Why Your Business Needs Yammer AND Teams
Jessica Roylance, 02.24.21

Wait a second—Yammer? Isn’t that social media for work? Your organization is already chatting, meeting, and coauthoring like pros in Microsoft Teams..

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How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation to Share Later
Jessica Roylance, 01.13.21

We’ve all been there when remote presentations flop.

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How to Use Microsoft 365 for Better Collaboration
McKell Parsons, 01.04.21

Odds are, you’re already familiar with the Microsoft 365 collaboration apps. Microsoft Teams, the one-stop collaboration hub, is definitely at the.

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How to Use Microsoft 365 for More Business Power
McKell Parsons, 12.16.20

You’ve seen those ‘Power’ apps around, probably as you scrolled through the Microsoft 365 apps list. Aiming for PowerPoint, maybe you’ve even clicked.

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How to Use Microsoft 365 for Better Communication
McKell Parsons, 12.08.20

Repeat after me: talking does not equal communication.

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How to Use Microsoft 365 for Better Team Productivity
McKell Parsons, 12.08.20

True success team takes more than just communication. We’ve all been in a meeting full of good ideas but no follow-through. You know it’s true: talk.

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How to Use Microsoft 365 for Better Personal Productivity
McKell Parsons, 11.06.20

In a way, every Microsoft 365 app is designed to improve your productivity. From the signature desktop apps—Word, PowerPoint, and Excel—to the newer.

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