LAS VEGAS, NV - BrainStorm, a leading provider of corporate learning solutions exhibited at the M365 Conference in Las Vegas from May 2-4, 2023. The company showcased its innovative adoption platform that gives IT teams ease and automation to drive the end-user adoption of the tools employees rely on every day to do their jobs. 

BrainStorm's solutions help organizations leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365 and other software by providing IT teams with a way to automate the 4 keys motions of the digital employee experience -  onboarding, remediation, transitions and optimization of use. The company's platform is designed to activate unengaged learners and help them unlock the value of their tech stack, which in turn helps companies enable their own success.  

"We had a great time participating in the M365 Conference and showcasing our innovative adoption platform," said Casey Trujillo, VP at BrainStorm. "Our solution is designed to help organizations unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365, and we had some great conversations with attendees on how to unlock the full potential of their M365 tools." 

At the M365 Conference, BrainStorm demoed their platform for attendees and offered attendees access to their platform and M365 training content. They also conducted a market preparedness study on Microsoft 365 Copilot. Data from that study will be released in the coming weeks. 


About BrainStorm 

When organizations are looking to drive digital adoption, they turn to BrainStorm to help make it happen. For over 25 years, BrainStorm has been obsessed with helping teams and organizations communicate and collaborate better. Rather than focusing on application-based training, the BrainStorm platform helps users understand how their technologies work together for maximum impact and unparalleled productivity. 

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